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12 July 2017
That day was Technical Meeting PLiST.
I went to Senior High School at 7 am with my Junior High School's friend. After we arrived at Senior High School 3, we were directed by senior to went to hall. In the hall, there was so many new students. Unfortunately, i didn't know anyone except my junior high school's friend. My friend and i sat in the front of the stage. Then, seniors were introduced them self. After that, all of new students divided into 9 group. My name was registered in group number 3. Fortunately, a girl who sat beside me registered in group number 3 too! Then, we got acquaintanced. Obviously, her name is Shalma. She's from Junior High School 2 Bandung. After that, seniors mentioned us to moved into corridor. Then, i got to know all of my friends in group number 3.
When the break, we mentioned to open our lunch box. But, i didn't bring meals because no one was mentioned me to brought meals in the previous day. I was so hungry because i didn…

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