My Activities : Gathapraya

Hello Peeps!

Last blog, I told you about Student Leadership Training. Now I want to tell you about another activity. It's Gathapraya. Gathapraya is annual cultural festival by SMAN 3 Bandung. It was held on 30th September 2017. Yep, yesterday was Gathapraya. I bought gathapraya's ticket for 50k.
Yesterday, I went from my home at 7 am. My friends and I gather in Muthia's. Then, we went together to Saparua. That morning, girls must wear kebaya and boys must wear pangsi. For your information, that is sunda's cultural clothes. We walked from Saparua to Bali Yard. It was parade for Gathapraya. It took approximately 3 hours.
Before open gate, my friends and I back to Muthia's to changed our clothes and had lunch together. We bought geprek chicken. Then we just did nothing in Muthia's until 3 pm.
At 3 pm, we walked from Muthia's which is located in Kalimantan Street,to Bali Yard. There, I bought mac n cheese, it's delicious. Then, I sat on the grass in front of th…

My Activities : Student Leadership Training

Hello pal!

I want to tell you about my activities in my high school. There are so many activites, but now I want to tell you one of them.
It's Student Leadership Training.

It's held on 21st, 22nd, 23rd September 2017.

Day 1 All student assembled in Pussenif which isn't very far from our school. First, we divided into "class". The "class" is a combination from our real class. Class A, B, C, and D is boy's class. Therefore Class E, F, G, H, I, and J is girl's class. After that, we directed to be line up and entered the hall. In the hall, we directed to do some "yel-yel". Then, our headmaster and Mr Aat Suratin made a speech. It took approximately 3 hours we sat in the hall.
Then, we took photo together in the tribune outside the hall for a while. We directed to entered the hall again. We got some material for leadership from the army until 1 pm. Because 1 pm is time for lunch. We have lunch there. But it's not an ordinary lunch. We directed…

My Plans

Kayla : Good Morning, Amara! The weather is hot, right?Amara : Yeah, I can't wait to do a winter vacation on December. Kayla : Me too. By the way, what will you do when holiday comes? Amara : My family and i are going to go to New York. Kayla : What an amazing plan! Why do you plan it? Amara : Because my brother told me that New York is a favourite destination when the winter comes. There are so many beautiful place to visit. How about you? Kayla : I'm going to visit Korea to watch EXO's  concert and fanmeeting. For your information, EXO is my favourite boyband. By the way when will you go to New York? Amara : I'm going to go there on 23rd of Desember. How about you? Kayla : I'm going to Korea on 21st of December because i ran out of ticket for flight on 19th December. Amara : Bad to hear that. By the way, don't forget to bring me some souvenirs, ok? Kayla : Of course i will! You have to do that too. Amara : Oh yeah, my cousin is going to watch EXO too. Do you want to st…


12 July 2017
That day was Technical Meeting PLiST.
I went to Senior High School at 7 am with my Junior High School's friend. After we arrived at Senior High School 3, we were directed by senior to went to hall. In the hall, there was so many new students. Unfortunately, i didn't know anyone except my junior high school's friend. My friend and i sat in the front of the stage. Then, seniors were introduced them self. After that, all of new students divided into 9 group. My name was registered in group number 3. Fortunately, a girl who sat beside me registered in group number 3 too! Then, we got acquaintanced. Obviously, her name is Shalma. She's from Junior High School 2 Bandung. After that, seniors mentioned us to moved into corridor. Then, i got to know all of my friends in group number 3.
When the break, we mentioned to open our lunch box. But, i didn't bring meals because no one was mentioned me to brought meals in the previous day. I was so hungry because i didn…


When holiday ends, all of new students in Senior High School 3 Bandung start their day. They chatting in the hall.

Kayla : Hi! I'm Kayla. What's your name?
Amara : Oh hi! I'm Amara. Nice to meet you.
Kayla : Nice to meet you too. What school are you from?
Amara : I'm from Junior High School 2 Bandung. What about you?
Kayla : I'm from Junior High School 8 Bandung. By the way, what kind of major do you want to take? Social or Science?
Amara : I hope I can join science class because I really want to be a doctor. But, I'm afraid that i can't pass the test.
Kayla : A test? But, someone said that this year will be no major test.
Amara : Really? I hope that way too. Oh yeah, what about you? What kind of major do you want to take?
Kayla : Me too. I really want to take science class.
Amara : Good! I hope we can be classmate.
Kayla : Yeah! You're a good person.
Amara : Thanks. Oh, may i have your Line ID?
Kayla : Sure. It's kaylasw
Amara : Okay. I'm going to add your L…

It's Me!

Hello Everyone! First of all, i want to introduce myself. 
My name is Kayla Salsabila Wimbanu. You can call me Kayla. I come from Indonesia. I was born in Bandung, 23 July 2003. It means that now i'm 14 years old.

I never sit in kindergarten. Because of my neighbor will entry elementary school, i want to enter elementary school too. Therefore, when i was 4 years old i had already can reading and counting. I studied in Ciporeat Elementary School which is in Bandung too. Since i was born, i never live in another city. Then, i studied in Junior High School 8 Bandung for 3 years. I have many bestfriend there, i will tell you about it later. Now, i'm a student of High School 3 Bandung which is the most popular school in Bandung. 

By the way, my hobby is reading novels and watching K-Drama. I really like reading novels. My favourite writer is Tere Liye. I usually read my novel whenever I can. Then, I love Korean's culture, K-POP, and Korean's food. My favourite boyband is EXO. …